What is Hover?

Hover is a non-custodial liquidity market built on the Kava EVM. It empowers users to rise above market volatility by engaging in permissionless lending and borrowing of digital assets. Users can lend assets to earn yield or borrow assets to gain leverage, all without relying on a third party. Deposits and withdrawals on Hover can be made instantaneously, providing a low-friction source of liquidity for users and dApps that wish to build atop Hover’s liquidity pools. Interest rates on Hover are dictated by supply and demand, providing uninterrupted insights into the market lending rates. Prior to launch, early adopters can earn enhanced yields with boosted APY by depositing in Hover’s Genesis Pools for a limited period. Lending on Hover is overcollateralized, where the amount that can be borrowed is determined by the market value of the underlying collateral. Borrowers can use their constantly updated Health Factor to assess their borrowing risk.

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